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Access Control

At Avocet our Access Control Systems are designed and installed to comply with European Standard BS EN 50133, Access Control Systems For Use In Security Applications and BS EN 60839, Electronic Access Control Systems.

Our access control systems design and installations comprise one or more of the following elements:

  • Audio and Video Door Entry
  • Access Control Systems
  • IP based systems to allow remote system control and interrogation
  • Integration with Intruder and Fire alarm Systems
  • Integration with car parking or pedestrian barriers and gates
  • Management of Time and Attendance
  • Asset tracking and tagging
  • Fire alarm role call
  • Remote sites
  • Anti pass back(tail gating)
  • Optical turnstiles

An access control system permits the free flow of authorized persons to appropriate areas within the premises but denies access to unwanted visitors assuring the safety of staff and visitors. Access control can protect against opportunistic theft and the theft of company assets. Company assets can be secured through asset tagging so that only authorized persons may remove specific items from the premises whilst creating a log of the event.

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